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By Fatu Ogwuche

Top of Mind: Hello, hello! What an honour to be back in your inboxes this fine Sunday. I’m excited to connect with you and to get back to the brilliant and downright outrageous things happening in technology in Africa and beyond.

So, for the comeback issue, we cover One Big Thing:

  • Big Tech This Week 2.0

Big Tech This Week 2.0

The comeback issue.

The short: Hear ye, hear ye – the newsletter is back! 🎉🎉

Why it matters: Big Tech This Week officially turned a year old on June 13th, and it’s crazy to think how far the newsletter’s come. In one year, we published 42 issues on the founders and companies changing the world – grew to 2000 subscribers and banked over a 100,000 impressions.

Next big thing: We’ve been experimenting with how we cover the biggest news in tech and the best ways to bring you the content you love in new and exciting formats. The newsletter will continue to spotlight brilliant founders building incredible companies, including the next generation of emerging startups – with an expansion into video with some spanking new shows.

 So, I’m excited to share the 3 new shows in our slate!

Backstories with Fatu: From revelling in Africa’s latest unicorns, acquisitions, music partnerships, and the next wave of tech products, Backstories is an entertaining, nerdy, off-the-rails conversation with the biggest names in technology and business. NOTHING is off the cards! 

Launching in September exclusively on YouTube.

First Impressions: Think MKBHD, but for apps. First Impressions is a spanking new show covering the latest on your favourite tech apps, new features and product reviews. Plus, if you’ve ever wondered how to use certain apps or features, we’d be sharing hacks and how-to’s for the technologically challenged. 

Launching in September on YouTube. 

One big thing: Video spin-off of the newsletter’s 3 big things. We’d cover the latest in tech in 60 seconds.

Launches next week on YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels. 

I’ll share more details on the launch of these new shows in the coming weeks, and one more big surprise for emerging startups. 

Where’s that new design 🤔: You’ll notice I decided to retain the current design of the newsletter, I know I talked a big talk about revamping the website, but I got reminded that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Plus, revamping it meant I’d have needed to migrate from Revue to a different platform, and the folks at Revue have been incredibly supportive, so I’ll stick with them for a bit 🙂

Final thoughts: I’m very excited about the next evolution of the newsletter and the slate of new shows we’re bringing to your screens. 

Stay tuned! See you next Sunday 🎉

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