From Ban To Boom: Is this Nigeria’s most exciting Minister?

Top of mind: Happy Sunday! The most talked about news from Nigeria this week was the ministerial list – with one nomination causing controversy. For most folks, the nomination of tech entrepreneur Bosun Tijani is the break Nigeria’s tech ecosystem has needed for almost a decade – based on the assumption that Tijani gets the […]

Cape Verde is making a big play for Africa’s tech talents

Cape Verde's new tech play

Top of mind: Happy Sunday! Hear ye, hear ye! Governments in Africa are finally paying attention to the outsized impact of tech on the economy and are setting up hubs to accelerate growth within the ecosystem. Rwanda set the pace with its Innovation City, and now Cape Verde is taking on the baton to attract […]

How Nigeria’s new monetary policy is disrupting startups

The short: In a bold move that delighted economists across the country, Nigeria’s Central Bank (CBN) granted a long-awaited demand by floating the Naira – a decision that’s had a far-reaching impact on Nigeria’s startup scene. A month and some change: CBN’s new policy landed with a domino effect across Nigeria’s startup ecosystem, as the […]

How digital visas are building new home bases for Africa’s tech entrepreneurs

Africa's tech entrepreneurs are migrating to europe

A new generation of tech entrepreneurs in Africa are exploring new horizons, and Europe is welcoming them with open arms. In other news, Nigeria’s Central Bank finally grants Diasporans some relief, and Apple might be hiking app-store prices in three African countries. Let’s get to it. 3 big things: How digital visas are building new […]

London Is Racking Up The Next Generation Of Africa’s Tech Entrepreneurs

Africa's tech entrepreneurs are moving to the UK.

Top of mind: Happy Sunday! Africa’s tech entrepreneurs are making the great migration from the continent to the UK – and all for good reason. Today, we deep dive.  3 big things:– London is Africa’s tech hub– Flutterwave’s big bet– Google backs Black Founders Let’s get to it. London is racking up the next generation […]

The Biggest Name In AI Visits Nigeria

Sam Altman visits Nigeria

Top of mind: Happy Sunday! AI’s on a world tour with headliner Sam Altman – the CEO of OpenAI. Altman’s on a 17-city tour, with Nigeria being the only Africa stop. Nigerians are flattered, while the rest of Africa is unhappy with Altman’s lean travel schedule.  Plus, exciting news! We’ve launched a new segment called #WhyWeRaised […]

Netflix is in ♥️ with South Africa

Top of mind: Happy Sunday! We found out this week that Netflix likes Africa but loves South Africa more – and with good reason. SA’s done the work. And, in other news – Kenya’s taking on Starlink by expanding connectivity to its rural areas, and one of Africa’s enduring startups makes a grand exit from Uganda. […]

Africa’s crypto startups face extinction

Africa’s crypto startups face extinction The short: Crypto startups in Africa are biting the dust. Falling stars: In 2021, 24.5 million people held crypto assets in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Egypt – skyrocketing Africa’s ranking in peer-to-peer services globally.  However, an unending series of shake-ups fueled by FTX’s collapse has rocked Africa’s crypto industry, making investors […]

Is Africa joining the TikTok ban party?

Is Africa joining the TikTok ban party? The short: African regulators are side-eyeing the TikTok ban party. The West doesn’t rate TikTok: TikTok is home to 1.534 billion users, with 1 billion unique monthly active users – it is the fifth largest social media app in the world and a pain-in-the-behind competitor to Instagram and Snap. But […]

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